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Friday, February 22, 2013

* Souvenir d'Amour

I had a plan when I began this painting. The painting looks nothing like the plan. HA! I don't know about you, however, this happens to me all the time.

The heart is bleeding, obviously healing from being broken. It's not always romantic love that breaks our hearts, it can be so many different kinds of love. There is good news in this painting though. The heart has developed wings and is flying in a new direction. The healing seems to be taking place rapidly, with only a small area to become whole again at the bottom.

In this case, however, it was LOVE that did it. *sigh* If you look closely on the wings you will see the words "Souvenir d'Amour". I have done a close up so you can observe it. None of us ever go through pain without learning something and the pearls represent 'pearls of wisdom' we gain as we traverse this path of life.

Souvenir d'Amour
The crown with pearl on the wing denotes we deserve a medal for this work.  Oh, no one ever thinks in those terms, however, it's hard work putting shattered hearts back together and learning ways to avoid doing it again.  I think we all deserve a crown to remind us that we are and have indeed moved forward in a big way.

The painting, for whatever reason, was very hard to photograph.  I think because it has a high gloss varnish on it, and you cannot see the shading in the heart.  Gold in the middle which gives it volume.  Ah well - you get the drift.  :o)

Thanks for dropping in.  I've been enjoying all your blogs.  You are so creative, inventive and very clever.  Take care.  I am so happy you are in my life in this way.  You inspire me.

ADDING ON:  I was so restless today I found this tiny canvas - probably 8 X 8 so thought I would experiment.  Little Lamb resulted.  Nothing to write home about, however it kept me amused for about one half hour!

“No man is worth your tears and when you find the 

one who is, he will never make you cry.” 



craftattack said...

I love your heart, Donna! Great idea, and like the philosophy behind it - all too true! Hugs, Valerie

Nancy Lynn said...

Very nice Donna....... I think a lot of times one's best work happens when it is not planned. I love this painting and your wonderful words about it.

Arlene said...

You are so creative, Donna, my friend. I love to see what your heart and spirit comes up with. Thank you for being in my life. xoxo <3

Carolyn said...

Donna, you express yourself so well in your paintings and definitely deserve to wear a crown. The tiny pearls are definitely for the wisdom that we all gain as we go through life.

Now for the lamb. . . what was he thinking wearing a coat of so many colors?

Love hugs,

NatashaMay said...

I don't think I've seen anything else than your goddesses. It's such a nice surprise. :) Winged hearts are always to my liking.

Lynn Stevens said...

Donna, What a great story your painting tells. Not easy to do. I applaud you! clap clap clap

Hugs Lynn

P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.

Gina said...

Your "mending heart" is the symbology you use in your art. The pearls of wisdom are a perfect addition. And the lamb of many colours!!! He is just gorgeous :D XXX

Yvonne said...

Love the heart and words, Donna! Little lamb is too cute.

1CardCreator said...

Beautiful heart, your heart is so full of expression it comes across in your art. ~Diane