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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to you .....

Janis' Birthday yesterday. She chose her favorite restaurant "Tio Lucas", and off we went. The atmosphere was beautiful, service top notch, food, over the moon and company , divine. We had a lovely evening.

Drinks arriving!  Jackie wearing her beautiful hand beaded necklace.  All the tiniest of beads, made in the old tradition of the  Huichol indigenous tribes.  Very cool!

Miss Sylvia graced us with her presence.

Food arriving - Sylvia has fresh Tuna.

Ah!  Nothing like being serenaded!

Janis in 7th heaven.

Lovin' that musica.

We were sitting at a table located under a gorgeous big tree decorated with electrified stars.  LOVE!

Making our dessert crepes from scratch - table side.  Love it!

Janice with the card I made her (from scraps)  

My dinner divine.  Bakes potato spinich and as you can see - absolutely huge butterflied shrimp.

Now for some close ups of the card a made with the scraps!  So much fun to work with.

I constructed the card out of chipboard so it would stand up.  The last photo - the size of bag you get to stuff as many scraps as you can get in there (which believe me is quite a few) for $8.00 of fun which will last a long time.   

Glad you could come over for a visit.  Thanks - hope you enjoyed the Birthday Party.  Bob gave Janice the most gorgeous silver dragon fly earrings with a drop of amber hanging from the bottom.  Drooooool.  Sylvia gave her a gorgeous hand blown glass hummingbird for the garden, and I'm not sure what Jackie gave her. Have to be nosy and find out.  Take care - see you again soon.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
Satchel Paige


Valerie-Jael said...

Oooh, looks gooood! I wish I had been with you in that restaurant - the sight of the food has made me hungry! Gorgeous card, too, really, really FANTASTICO!!! Hugs, Valerie

Nancy Lynn said...

Beautiful card, yummy food, colorful atmosphere, good friends........that's what I call a fun day.

Sandy said...

How would it be if I did not know how old I am? My body would tell me!!! You know I love your pictures Donna and isn't that necklace wonderful. Your dinner looks divine. And your card - well my friend, anyone who owns one of your pieces of art is a lucky person indeed.

Nancy said...

What a lovely celebration and the restaurant is beyond inviting! The card is terrific. Nice
to see the bottomless bag of scraps which is the source of your fun of late..

Gina said...

What a fabulous birthday treat! I would love live musicians to serenade me at meal times :D You certainly look an exciting and interesting party :D XXX

patty said...

Oh, what fun! Thanks for sharing these delicious little details with us - I especially enjoyed the electrified stars!! And your card - how special is that? A treasure to keep for sure!

Carolyn said...

Another fun outing with friends plus good food and beautiful surroundings. How perfect! I love the new photos you have posted which tell the story all by themselves. Have fun with your scraps. So far you have put many of them to good use for happy surprises.

Enjoy the weekend, Donna.

1CardCreator said...

Beautiful card, looks like you all had a blast! The food looks divine too, making me hungry! Big hugs, ~Diane