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Sunday, January 30, 2011

More notes from The Creative Feast

The creative feast continues.  Today, it was flowers.  I think hand made flowers would look very nice as part of vintage cards.  I experimented today.  This is what I came up with.

I just 'played'.   The white and blue flowers are made with a punch.  I folded the white one accordion style, the blue one I simply 'smushed'.  A narrow piece of silk I had on hand is gathered by hand with a needle running stitch, pulled tight and tied off.  Another earring became the centre.  I'm quite enamored with the brown paper/newsprint ones.  I think they have great potential for shabby chick parcels, cards, etc.  Does anyone else have other techniques for making flowers?  I would love to hear.  I'm hooked now, and will probably make a little box full when the studio is up and running.  That way I will have them on hand for all sorts of occasions.

A little mail art was part of my day as well.  I'm going to stop for awhile now ... and await my mail box to fill up.  It's been great fun.  I am discovering decorating envelopes is a delightful pass time.

"I get MAIL; therefore I am."  ~ Scott Adams
chuckle, chuckle


Katie said...

These paper flowers are great. I've never tried those...oh n, another art project to add to my list!!

patty said...

I would just love to be a fly on your wall and watch you put all this stuff together!!!

Carolyn said...

I love flowers!! And yours turned out really well, Donna. It would be hard to select a favorite one.

For an idea, layer several sheets of tissue paper between wax paper and punch. Take out the punched shape removing the wax paper, staple in the middle to hold all of the tissue pieces together and then "scrunch" up each layer separtely to make a flower. Very similar to the ones you made out of printed paper.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Thanks you three lovelies. A fly on the wall Patty ... I wish you could be too - you would laugh your head off when I chased you with a swatter! Tissue paper lives in abundance in Mexico, Carolyn. I will definitely try some. Wax paper ... a little harder to come by, but I know where some is hiding in a shop in centro.