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Friday, August 6, 2010

* Moving on Up

The day work began on the Studio, the Jardin was cleaned and cleared.  All the equipment and supplies were moved into the driveway for easy access to the stairs.  Everything is always left swept, clean and tidy after a days work.
Tools of the trade.
The long shadows of evening fall off the shovels in a pile of sifted sand.  The rocks from the hard worked pile lie beside.

Cutting out La Luna.  You can see the cross hatching he's doing.  After that is complete, the bricks are chipped out by hand with a chisel.

The chipping away part.

Everything turned 'pink'.  Felt like I was walking on a beach.  Fine brick dust absolutely everywhere, including in my teeth, up my nose and in my ears.  

Enjoying lunch under my gorgeous tree in the beautiful dappled shade.

The studio is a difficult place to photograph.  I can't seem to get enough distance.  At any rate, this is what it looks like when you first walk into the room from coming up the stairs.  The bricks on the floor to your right will be the bano.  Straight ahead, of course, you see the fireplace, to the left the double doors which open on to the terrace, to the right the beginning of the window.

Looking into the room from the terrace.  The back of the fireplace, and the double doors.  Are you getting the drift?  

Here is El Sol, La Luna and una Estrella before they receive their pebbles.

"Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun. "  ~ John Lennon

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