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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

* A Truck Load of GIFTS ...

The evening we gathered here after encaustics class for champagne, Judith looked at my as yet unfinished jardin.  She looked at all the empty space and the few little plants I had started.  "You know, Donna, I'm cleaning out my jardin.  Every time a leaf falls off a plant, my gardener plants it, and of course it grows.  You must come over and I'll give you some plants."  I said thank you and envisioned coming home with a bag full of leaf starts.  I was excited.

The evening we spent at Judith's house for dinner she mentioned getting a 'taxi truck' (literally a taxi with a flat bed for hauling).  I nearly fell over.  Last Tuesday, I spent a delightful afternoon sitting drinking iced hibiscus tea while Judith directed which plants to put in the back of the truck.  It took two strong men for a couple of them. 

My jardin is now well underway.  What a difference a day makes, and a very dear and generous spirit.

A gorgeous young palm.  Actually two palms.  Looks great on the terrace and will offer some afternoon shade when it gets a little taller.

A huge tree which they had just pruned.  Not sure what it is.  Hope it flourishes and spreads out.  May have to move it if it's not happy there.  Geraniums, a lovely bougainvillea bush and another unknown.

Another grouping of plants below my terrace.  Three more small palms, mums and calla lilies

A great spider plant.

A peace lily in a funky pot which will be great in my covered terrace.

And an oleander, which will grow huge in this pot.

"Asking is the beginning of receiving.  Make sure you don't go to the ocean with a teaspoon.  At least take a bucket so the kids won't laugh at you." ~ Jim Rohn 

Isn't that the truth.  Many of us, including ME, do not dream BIG enough, do not ASK for 'this or more'.  I'm working on that one.


patty said...

Wow - your jardin is going to be fabulous!! If it is anything like here, stuff just grows like wildfire and you will find yourself constantly cutting things back. It's one of the things I love about living here - literally almost everything grows. Amazing, given our pathetically limited rainfall, but I love it! What fun to watch things flower and grow!!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Yes, I gather if you plant it, it will grow! Amazing. So much new and interesting plant material to learn about as well. Lots of fun ahead, Patty.

Sole Sister Salma said...

Looks wonderful, just the pictures here are so lovely, I cannot imagine the real thing.

HOw nice of your friend to give you such a nice surprise, keep us all updated on this work of art.