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Thursday, September 9, 2010

* Welcome to "By The Light" ...

As you know, I wanted to name the Studio.  Since my home is built around the theme of 'Universal Light', I am calling my Studio "By The Light Studios".  "Creations by Donna Parker and the Universal Muse". Something like that.  The name is finalized in my mind, the phrase which follows is not.  Any ideas? 

I'll update you on the Studio with photographs.  It's a long way from finished.  Poco a Poco.

View of Studio from driveway, looking up.  Facing Street.
Walking up the stairs.
Entrance at top of stairs.
Looking left and out the front door on to the terrace
Looking to the right.  The wall you see is the bathroom.
Straight ahead is the fireplace.
Mi pocito bano.
Some of the terrace.
Terrace looking to the left over the neighbours roof.
The view still takes my breath away.

Just before the storm.

"I am a being of Heaven and Earth, of thunder and lightning, of rain and wind, of the galaxies."  
~ Eden Ahbez


patty said...

Donna, I love the way you have stated the name, just the way it is. I can tell it's going to be sooo fabulous - especially that view - and those constantly changing clouds. Never an end to the inspiration!! I'll bet you can't wait to get all of your stuff set up just the way you want it. I can envision many happy hours to come!!!

Carolyn said...

Donna, I too am excited and so happy you decided to build you a studio. It would have been very difficult to do your art and keep your living area spotless. I could just envision art canvases on the bed and no room to sleep. Now you will be able to leave a project up from one day or week to the next and not be inconvenienced.

Plus, you need a studio for your gallery tour when that day arrives. I think the studio is progressing nicely and you will spend many glorious hours at the top of the Light.

Have a great weekend. We have a neighborhood picnic on Sunday and I plan to can peaches tomorrow. I almost forgot about them this year. Too much going on.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Another digital class starts on the 15th.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Thanks Carolyn and Patty. I wish you were both here when it's finished. We could sit on the terrace overlooking the mountains and drink something fabulous!

Carolyn, your daughters work is incredible! I left a note for her on facebook. She obviously got the talent from YOU!

Patty ... How is your lovely garden studio? Have you been able to use it much? I adore it. Such character. Should be featured in a magazine.