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Friday, October 22, 2010

* Painting the Figure ... View at your own risk.

"Sunday Afternoon"  Oil on Canvas
My latest attempt at painting the human figure follows.  As you are aware, I have no models to work with, so this is straight from my head.  It's difficult, and I only have my anatomy book to refer to.  I think I'm probably hooked on the human figure now.  It's the most fascinating, challenging, beautiful object to try and render in any way.  This painting has only just begun.

"Don't paint bit by bit, but paint everything at once by placing tones everywhere, with brushstrokes of the right colour and value, while noticing what is alongside. Use small brushstrokes and try to put down your perceptions immediately. The eye should not be fixed on one spot, but should take in everything, while observing the reflections which the colours produce on their surroundings."
Camille Pissaro


diane howard said...

appreciating where this is going Donna.
your talent shines through!
Love, Di

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

❤❤ 𝄞☺♬♫♪ ☏☏ ☔☁☂