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Friday, December 11, 2009

* Tootsie

At the time I was caring for Papa, I lived on the lower level walk out.  It was the original 'rumpus room', state of the art in the 60's. The thing was, it had never been changed - not one iota.  The orange chesterfields, the semi circle bar and kitchen, the wood paneling, the massive floor to ceiling stone fireplace.  I nick named it 'Retroland', and often referred to it as such in my journal entries.
I like old typewriters and until my recent 'downsizing' binge, had three of them.  I chose to keep one - this one in the photo.  A portable with a checkered case for carrying wherever you may go.  I called her 'Tootsie'.  The following is a journal entry I wrote the day I brought her home in 2001."

"Ah yes - I remember this -- my fingers are purple from inserting the ribbon.  What fun -- what rhythm.  Bells are ringing when I come to the end of a line - what could be more entertaining.  Something seems to be a little ascu - the entire typewriter wobbles back and forth just after I return!  Ah yes, what fun returning is - bell rings - you give the old carriage a whack with your left hand and BANG - you're back at the beginning.  By jove - this is FUN.  At least the ribbon seems to be working, but of course it is not as nice as the original - incased in plastic and all.  The original ribbon holder is made of such lovely black steel.  I shall keep it.  This is a 'deluxe' model I'm typing on - ah yes - an Eaton's deluxe portable - green in colour ... two tone in fact.  Light and dark green with dark green keys imprinted in light green with the letter assigned to it.  And the case - what can I say about the case.  I'm sure it was the envy of everyone.  Again - green (light) and green (dark) in a very small and fashionable check.  The case has a shiny black plastic handle with the original key tied to it with white string (tackie) and a lovely silver lock.  Ah yes, the chrome plated parts on this baby are quite spectacular.  Needs a good polish though - which of course she shall have sooner or later.  How lucky can I be to have found you - bells, chrome and all.  I shall call you 'Tootsie' -- yes indeed - Tootsie and Donna - what a writing team.  Every time I have trouble spilling it out - Tootsie shall come to my aid - bells ringing - left hand whacking.  Welcome aboard Toots!

"There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."  ~Ernest Hemingway

                                                     WHAT MAKES MY HEART SING

SEA SIDE VILLAGES.  Nothing in the world like a sea side village to perk me up!  They are busy little places, laid back, but busy.  Boats in the little harbour, perhaps a little fishing, a few tourists, little shops, restaurants, and best of all the local culture.  Atmosphere to burn.  Colours, sounds, smells, sights and great stuff to touch.  All your senses are awake.  I like that.  Sea side villages relax me, give me peace, inspire me and enthrall me.  Sea side villages make my heart sing!

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