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Monday, January 7, 2013

* First creative venture of the year ....

Felt like doing a journal spread. Felt like doing something significant which I've been working on for some time now. I'm making progress, I can feel it deep inside. I've been holding on to 'old stuff' so tightly. It's been affecting my health. Thought somehow I might loose it, but now realize I don't really have it. So, I set an intention. Now I will put it in writing. Always very powerful for me.

I've chosen my word for 2013 - or rather, it has chosen me.  I was pondering two words, 'uncover' and 'reveal' for a long time.  Neither seemed to be a perfect fit.  The word which was given to me today feels right - you know that feeling, I know you do.  We will discuss more about this tomorrow.

Hope your weekend was a great one.  Thanks for coming over for a visit.  Always greatly appreciated.  

Allow your life to unfold naturally
Know that it too is a vessel of perfection
Just as you breathe in and breathe out
Sometimes you’re ahead and other times behind
Sometimes you’re strong and other times weak
Sometimes you’re with people and other times alone
all of life is a movement toward perfection
So what need has he
for the excessive, the extravagant, or the extreme?”
Tao Te Ching, Verse 29, Translated by Jonathan Star


Yvonne said...

Fab journal page, Donna! I can't wait to hear more :)

craftattack said...

Great journal page, Donna, and sometimes letting go is really important. Hugs, Valerie

MissFaith Munich said...

Letting go revitalizes! Perfect plan for the new year.

Gina said...

Looks and sounds very energising! :D XXX

Nancy Lynn said...

Love your journal page and the message on it.

Gina said...

First...LOVE your journal, and attitude :D
I had a nightmare when I up graded too, but now love it. Don't be tempted to upload more than 4 pics at a time(it scares it). If you get a pic in the wrong place, remove it by setting ther cursor to the right border of the pic and press back-space. Move your cursor to where you want the pic to be, then select add pic again. It is so much easier than trying to drag them round :D. Hope this helps :D XXX