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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

* Progress and feeling more content

Progress is definitely being made.  Waterproofing has begun on the roof.  Driveway and terrace tiles have been cleaned in readiness for sealer.  Shelving has been installed in bathroom and kitchen.  Drainage ditch is complete and drying.  It will be filled in tomorrow.  The rest of Quinta de Luz will be painted this week. 

A gentlemen in town, known fondly as "The Grumpy Canadian", came over today.  He installed my vonage phone system, internet wireless and a voltage regulator so the systems don't fry during one of the spectacular storms of the rainy season.  I feel connected.  I am now able to call my friends in Canada and the US.  Unfortunately, Australia is not part of the package.  Other methods are available for 'down unda' -- I will investigate.

I pondered the fact this building project will soon be over.  Achieved.  An ending.  A beginning.  My exciting little project of manifesting myself a haven.  The work will be complete.  All my workers, whom I have grown very fond of, will leave for other jobs.  It will be quite.  Habibi and I will be left to our own devices.  It will seem strange at first.

It is really pleasant here tonight.  I'm sitting at the computer,  Habibi stretched out in the corner.  All the doors are open.  Fans are whirring slowly.  It's cool and a lovely breeze drifts through the house.  Luis Miguel (singer) is on the stereo.  I feel some sort of contentment coming on.

Habibi longs to take possession of his yard.  Every night he goes down the steps to the sunken garden.  He longs to explore each and every inch.  Too much construction still.  He will be happy when it's all his.  I too will be happy to begin puttering in my garden.  Things grow here which I have no idea about --- how exciting.

Next week will include small touch ups.  I have a list going.  On Tuesday I have builder coming to construct another wall.  This will give me complete privacy, and my own wall, from the neighbours.  It will feel good.

Today looked something like this:

My poor tree.  She is suffering.  I want her to survive so badly!  The drainage ditch was completed today.  It now has to dry and be back filled.

I called Lupi's name today.  This was a second before he tipped his hat to me.

This is the chaos I am living in.  Interesting!  Kitchen shelves going up.  Lower shelves already installed.

Ahhhh, that's better.  It's a beginning.

"What we call the beginning is often the end.  And to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from."  T.S. Eliot

So very true!  For me, at least.

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