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Friday, December 16, 2011

* My muse has left the building

All my other paintings have come quite easily.  Not this one.  My muse is nowhere to be found.  I'm struggling.  She won't talk to me.  I don't know what colours to use.  The shadows are waaaay to dark.  I didn't like the flowers, so whited them out - will try again.  Absolutely nothing is working ... including my mood.

I'll begin again ... and again ... until I get it the way it wants to be. 

Thanks for dropping by.  Hoping you are all well and happy.  xxoo Donna

Hugh Downs
Something about an old-fashioned Christmas is hard to forget.


Carolyn said...

Oh my, oh my....I thought I was the only one with no muse. I was happy to see you leave us a post so we know you are still working on your painting.

I downloaded a new brush for my digital art and it applies to all of us, especially during the holiday season.

"Where there is great love...there are always miracles." I received this from Kim Klausen Cafe.

Sending love,

craftattack said...

Sorry to hear your muse is not showing itself. But I am sure she will soon be back and active again; sometimes we just need a little time!
Take care of yourself, Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Is she waiting for you, or, are you waiting for her. Her eyes looks sad, I think she is feeling for you. I kinda like the white-out of the flowers. I wonder if she would like them on the white'ish/light'ish side eventually?
Sending you some 'muse vibes' from here, they looked a little lost, hope they help. xx randomrose

Piarom said...

I think she has so much more depth than before. I like her! And when the muse is coming back wuuhuuuu ;-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear donna, be patient with yourself, if you can. If working on this painting is not coming easily for you right now, maybe it is better to do other things. I never feel my muse has left me, only that it steers me in different directions to what I need, right at that time. It may be surprising to you what is happening, but it is okay. You will be playing with this painting in a flowing way again soon! I look forward to it and want you to be happy. Listen to your heart.
xo lenna

SooZeQue said...

Oh Donna I do sympathize with you as I'm in the same place. So many things I want to do and so little mental capacity to focus on anything. The holidays seasons are always a double edged sword. Don't fight it - it will come when it's the right time. I know when I'm like that if I keep pushing it I will just mess it up so I just step away.

Nancy Lynn said...

I like the painting and can' wait for the next showing. You are a wonderful artist. Wishing you nothing but the best for the New Year.

Gina said...

Not that I feel it is my place to criticize, but your muse is obviously reflecting your mood. Give her a little sparkle and I'm sure she will give you some in return :D XXX