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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

* Walking, Walking, Walking

I'm truly exhausted tonight.  Think I may have overdone the walking.  Had a lovely day though.  Beautiful weather.  Went to the market for food, ordered wine (very important) and bought flowers.  Came home, had lunch then went hunting for old doors.  My little hacienda is a very open space.  You can view the bathroom door.  I thought an old interesting door might be fun.  It would be an architectural detail, a piece of art instead of 'just another door'.  I did find some doors.  I want to look around more however.  I now think I could hang an 'old panel' on the new door.  It may be more reasonable and just as 'funky'.  Some of the smaller panels were beautiful carved, some had Saints sitting on little shelves.  Perhaps I need some Saints in my house! Ideas, Ideas.  We will see.

Tomorrow morning, I am meeting with my architect and his head man who will be overseeing the renovations.  I still have to make a list of questions for him tonight.  In the afternoon, my art class.

I witnessed a Mexican Funeral today.  I was very moved and decided I would love to go out that way.  Flowers, flowers, flowers.  And a Mariachi Band. Like having a Jazz Band in New Orleans.  I always thought was so cool, however I can really relate to the Mariachi Band.  They followed the casket out of the church to the waiting cars and continued to play til the procession was ready to leave.  Then they went to the burial site with the mourners to play some more.  It was beautiful!

So tonight is an early night.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Tuesday, February 9th 2010

Feb 09
Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy
Hi: 69° 
Lo: 45°
Day: Mostly cloudy skies. High 69F, humidity 45%. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: 10
Night: Partly cloudy skies. Low 45F. Winds light.

"I deeply believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our live." ~ Albert Hadley

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